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Inevitable Barre Instances.

That moment when your pointes are prettier than your outfit… Martha Leebolt as Cinderella. Photo Bill Cooper.
Northern Ballet’s Cinderella

Moscow Russia February 03 2013 Ballerinas dressed as black and white swans rest backstage of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow during a performance of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’sclassic ballet Swan Lake on Feb. 3, 2013.
 Yuri Kozyrev/ Noor

Ulyana Lopatkina in Le Corsaire
Photo: Natasha Razina

I’m gonna go ahead and need people to stop posting pictures of a boring model in the Svetlana Zakharova tag.





Don’t even care if it’s her name, she doesn’t deserve to be in the same page as Sveta.

I’m gonna have to ask you to stop complaining that you don’t have an exclusive tag to one woman. Goodness knows that two people can’t have the same name, like god damn girl, chill.

Lol at someone responding to my post is telling me to chill.  Clearly it rubbed you the wrong way, but girl you need to chill.

I know some people prefer the dancer and some prefer the model. Some prefer neither. But I’m not out and about saying the Svetlana Zakharova tag should be exclusively the prima ballerina. Shit son, the model is fine, this happens in tags all the time. Music tags have tons of selfies with lyrics and the same damn picture reposted 10+ times consecutively. Ballet tags often times have the same gif tagged with “girl,” “pretty,” or “hipster” attached. Svetlana’s tag seems to have two people in it: the ballerina and the model. We just gotta learn to deal with it. Chill, and stop your hating.

mollypoppins, I think you are the one who needs to chill. if two people have the same name they’re gonna show up when you search for one of them. get over yourself. -Dor

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Alla Osipenko as Odette in ‘Swan lake’, 1960

Svetlana Zakharova as Marguerite and Edvin Revazov as Armand in Bolshoi’s La Dame Aux Camelias
Photo by Mikhail Logvinov